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A Hidden Gem in Hoover, AL - Ross Bridge

Ross Bridge

Imagine a place where everything you need is just outside your front door.  Ross Bridge combines all of the perfect elements of a large city into a unique luxury living community. It is more than just a neighborhood in Hoover; it is truly a hidden escape combining a small town feel with a new urban look.

Outdoor Living Trends for Fall

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Fall is the perfect time to spend outdoors and enjoy the cooler weather and changing colors.  Football, Trick- or-Treating, and family get togethers are a few of the many events that take place this time of year.  What better backdrop to experience these traditions than in the perfect outdoor setting?  Here are some tips on enjoying the outdoors this upcoming fall.

The Perfect Floor Plan

Living Area 2138

A home that looks amazing and is also functional for you and your family can seem like finding a diamond in the rough.  But guess what!  Signature Homes has a floor plan that will both easily fit the lifestyle of your family, and look more amazing than you could have imagined. From kid’s retreats, to man caves, and hidden spaces, there is sure to be a floor plan to fit your needs.

The Magic City


Moving to a new place can be scary. What is there to do? Where are the best places to eat? What do people do on the weekends? These are all questions that run through your mind when you think about relocating. Luckily, Birmingham is the perfect city to start a new fun and exciting journey.

Making Memories in your New Home


Memories last a lifetime. Whether you are a first time homeowner, a new family, or you are downsizing; creating a home with memories that will last a lifetime may seem like a distant dream. Looking back, your home will be the place that fosters some of your most precious memories. Building a new home the way you want - one that fits you and your family’s unique lifestyle - can be the beginning to some of the greatest memories you will ever have. It does not matter if you are just beginning the home building process with Signature, or have lived in one of our homes for years; memories are made from day one.

The Perks of a Home Designer

Home Designer - Signature Homes

The amount of time and effort that it takes to build a new home can seem daunting. Having a home designer that has your best interest in mind is crucial when choosing the essential details of your home. Home designers can think of ways to design your home that you may have never dreamed of. Plus the really good ones can push the envelope in a way that will set your home a part from the rest.

How to Stage your Home to Sell Fast

SigHomes Hampton Lot22 0006

Home Ownership - the first step to living the "American Dream."  So don't just own a home, own the dream.  When people are looking to purhcase a new home, they usually have an existing home that they must sell first.  Don't be afraid of the selling process, everyone has to go through it at some time.  So we want to offer you a few quick tips on how to sell your home as fast as possible.  After all, the faster your home sells, the quicker you can live the dream.  

Home Ownership and FHA Loans


Before you can purchase your dream home, you must first understand the process of how to qualify for a loan. There are many different choices in how to finance a new home purchase.  For some the best option might be what is called an FHA loan.  Here is some information and tips about FHA loans, and how you may qualify for this option.

Top Reasons to Downsize for Empty Nesters

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Your home is a place where you share memories and experiences with your family. Once your children move out, you may be wondering what is next. If a new home to create new memories is your next step in your life. Downsizing could be the right option for you. Here are the top reasons why empty nesters often downsize.

It's a Southern Thing.


There is nothing like living in the South. From the southern hospitality, the down home cooking, and the sweet tea; you just cannot beat what the South has to offer. Community is an important part of the South. The food tastes so much better when you have friends to eat it with. The tea is so much sweeter when you are sitting on the porch with your family. A community is a place where you should feel comfortable and welcomed. It’s a place where you can go to your next door neighbor and ask for that cup of sugar you need to sweeten your tea, and your life. Here are some features Signature Homes offers that build a great community.

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